Thursday, August 25, 2016

Membrane Care Unit Prolongs R/O Operation

Lifestream Watersystems Inc., manufacturer of reverse osmosis water purification equipment and accessories, highlights their Membrane Care Unit which extends the operating life of reverse osmosis membranes. 

Considered one of the most important components of the reverse osmosis purification system, membrane elements collect mineral build-up, organic material and bacterial agents. The Lifestream Membrane Care Unit cleans, flushes out and preserves the membranes, reviving efficiency and prolonging operating life to five years. 

A highly resistant, polypropylene chemical holding tank built into the Membrane Care Unit safely houses all sanitizing agents and preservatives. A filter screens the sanitizing fluid, preventing debris and particulate contaminates from entering the membrane. A totally enclosed, high-speed centrifugal pump circulates and extracts all cleaning and preservative fluids. The optional thermostatically controlled heater ensures perfect solution temperature. 

To maintain optimum conditions during the cleaning process, flow meters, pressure gauges and valves allow constant watch over pressurizing flow. Precisely calibrated thermostats and temperature gauges alert high temperatures - another potential cause of membrane damage. 

Originally designed for the Lifestream R/O systems, the Membrane Care Unit operates efficiently with most reverse osmosis purification equipment. Stand alone and custom configurations make any application easy.

For more information on Lifestream Watersystems Inc., contact Julie Kimmel:

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