Thursday, March 31, 2016

Municipal seawater desalination for California

Testing - 11,000 GPD Desalination System

In Carlsbad, California, a 50 million GPD seawater desalination plant has come online. In Santa Barbara, CA a 2.8 million gallon/day plant that was built and shutdown 24 years ago is being modernized and reactivated.

In our own city of Huntington Beach, CA a second California coast 50 million GPD desalination system project is hoping to receive final California Coastal Commission approval.

While at Lifestream we do not work in the large municipal arena, it is very heartening to see the Reverse Osmosis technology we use for our smaller systems and niche markets being used as a tool to solve water shortage problems in California. The "blueprint" for these large systems is the same as the template for systems we build - proper pre filtration, R/O design and post filtration to provide the required water quality for drinking or other uses. In our markets (military use, marine application, oil platforms and land based commercial/Industrial use systems, wastewater treatment) our systems are engineered for performance, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. This results in reverse osmosis being a very effective water purification technology. -Julie Kimmel, President

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