Monday, March 25, 2013

New Ultrafiltration Skid Feeds Reverse Osmosis and EDI Unit

Lifestream™ Watersystems Inc. has implemented cutting edge technology from Dow Chemical Company on a new Ultra Filtration skid to run in conjunction with an R/O. Ultrafiltration is a heavyweight filtration process capturing suspended solids and solutes with especially high molecular weight. This skid is designed to pull water from the most polluted sources in the world. Like most large-scale Lifestream™ products, this skid was built custom to meet the client’s specification of having full redundancy to provide uninterrupted 24 hour service. When one side of the unit is cleaning itself the other side is running, automatically oscillating to allow for the most reliable product water and run time.  

The second stage of the system is a dual R/O with electrodeionization units designed to deliver ultra pure water. This quality is demanded by many industrial sectors for a myriad of specialized applications. The Lifestream™ UF16X in conjunction with the BWHP9 is designed to transform some of the most compromised of our Earth’s surface water into a high purity product.

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