Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pilot Plants Assist in Defining Recycling Systems

February, 2012

As Lifestream works with customers to provide multi-process recycling systems for waste treatment, increasingly the first step is using a pilot plant to confirm potential outcomes, savings and streamline processes for scale up. Most recently Lifestream has work with a customer to create the first ever pilot plant to utilize proprietary Forward Osmosis Technology with Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis and full computerization and automation to integrate the processes. Trials underway using the containerized Pilot system to treat waste water are resulting in astounding results laying the foundation for the customer to expand the project with their end user. Other pilot plants Lifestream has provided include plants for textile waste water recycling, and recycling of water from coal bed methane gas extraction and well fracking. Development of a pilot plant requires close technical interface between Lifestream engineering and our custom manufacturing capability. The buyer for the pilot plant is fully engaged in the problem solving process to create a solution for their challenging water problems.

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