Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chuuk Islands Mobile Emergency Water Unit

As a humanitarian gesture to the people of the Chuuk State in Micronesia, the Church of Latter Day Saints has donated a Lifestream 26,000 gallon/day desalination unit with a genset constructed inside a mobile trailer.  Presented to the local utility in October 2010, on hand were local dignitaries and church officials.  The 2 day trip to assist in the demo and training was made by Ed Kimmel, President of Lifestream.  It was reminiscent for him.  He had travelled to the Marshall Islands during a water emergency years back and had the similar experience of children dancing in the water as it came gushing out of the system after a long local drought.

After a 6 week transit, the trailer arrived in Chuuk and cleared customs the day before the presentation.  It was up and operational within hours of arriving at the Church facility.

Whether it be a system for US Fish and Wildlife at Tern Island, at Cornell University’s Field Campus off the Coast of Maine, or at a resort in Little Cayman, islands are unique in that their beauty with water all around doesn’t always mean there is water to drink, especially as droughts come and go.

Lifestream supplies systems for island use that can operate not only from local power but gensets and solar.  Lifestream diligently tackles the challenges of remote access for equipment delivery, service and parts support.

For more information on Lifestream Watersystems Inc., contact Julie Kimmel:

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  1. What a beautiful story. What does one of these container-units cost anyway? I could see opportunities for fund-raisers for other island communities I know could use one of these.


  2. Angelo; Sorry for the delayed response. Units of this type vary widely in price and are remarkably easy to teach local citizens to operate. If you send us an email, we can discuss the systems with you and help you move on down the road on a specific project.


  3. Thank you for helping chuuk