Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lifestream 31,680 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Produces First Pure Drinking Water In Marshall Islands Relief Effort

Lifestream Watersystems Inc., a Huntington Beach manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalination systems has just completed installation of a 31,680 gallon/day seawater desalination plant as part of a FEMA effort to assist the Marshall Islands, hard hit by a 7 month drought brought on by El Nino conditions.

The emergency relief is being managed by Brown & Root, a Houston based company with worldwide experience in supplying emergency water and other relief in places such as Rwanda and Algiers. Shipped from Lifestream's Huntington Beach factory, the skid mounted system was transported by a C-130 Transport Charter to Ebeye on the Kwajalein Atoll. Within days the systems was delivering much needed water to the community of 13,000 people.

Lifestream Watersystems Inc. supplies a standard line of desalination systems and custom water purification systems of up to 200,000 gallons/day for military applications, emergency disaster use, commercial marine use and a variety of land based and industrial applications.

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